We have a series of videos that are developed for our members’ education. These videos are available in the “Members Login” segment, and we encourage you to join the ASPD membership to gain access to these education materials:

Click here to watch the lectures from the Vascular Anomalies Workshop held on 30/31 January 2021:

Click here to watch the lectures from the KKH Pediatric Dermatology Workshop held on 22/23 May 2021:

1. Eczema

2. Inflammatory Skin Diseases

3. Neonatal Dermatology / Birthmarks

  • Common Neonatal Skin Rashes
  • Common Birthmarks

4. Skin Infections

5. Common Pigmentation Problems

6. Miscellaneous

  • Common Nail Disorders in Children
  • Common Hair Disorders in Children
  • Vascular Anomalies